When upgrading IP Office servers which are in a Server Edition or IP Office Select network, each Linux-based server in the network needs to be updated using the processes covered in this document.

If at any stage the option "Upgrade Available" becomes visible within IP Office Web Manager, do not use that option.

If at any stage, a menu to consolidate configuration entries appears in IP Office Web Manager, cancel the menu. The issue is normally resolved once all servers in the network have upgraded.

Recommend Upgrade Order

If you are confident with the process, you can run multiple upgrades in parallel using multiple USB upgrade keys or copies of the upgrade VMDK file. This will be quicker, however it does remove the option for resiliency for users whilst individual servers are upgraded.  

If upgrading servers one at a time, the recommended order to upgrade the servers is:

1.Linux-based IP Office Expansion servers.

2.Secondary server.

3.Primary server.

4.IP500 V2 Expansion servers.