To install software from the previously prepared USB memory key, use the following process.


1.Upgrade the server to R11.0.4.5 using the standard ISO upgrade process. Test and verify correct operation of all services on R11.0.4.5 before upgrading to R11.1 SP2/FP1.

It is especially important to verify Media Manager is running if the server has stored call recordings. Media Manager must be running during the upgrade process for correct migration to R11.1 SP2/FP1.

2.Ensure that you have a full backup in order to be able to recover from any upgrade issues. See Creating a Back Up.

Tools & Equipment Required:

256GB+ USB Upgrade Memory Key
See Creating a PC Server USB Upgrade Key.

Administrator details
Administrator user names and passwords for connection to the IP Office system.

Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse
Whilst the upgrade process runs automatically following the server reboot, it is useful to to monitor the progress.

To install a software image from a USB memory key:

1.Shutdown the server using the System | Shutdown in its port 7071 web control menus:

! Warning: Do not use any other method to shutdown the server. Doing so will lead to the loss of data and settings. This method creates backup files for some services that are then used for the upgrade.

a.Connect to the server's web control menus using port :7071.

b.On the System menu, click Shutdown and click Yes. Wait approximately 90 seconds after which you should see the services shutting down.

2.Connect the monitor, keyboard and mouse to the server.

3.Insert the USB upgrade key into the PC's USB port.

4.Restart the server.

5.When the upgrade has been completed, the server is automatically powered off.

6.Remove the USB upgrade key and restart the server.

7.Once the server has restarted:

a.Check the version of the server is now shown as R11.1 SP2. If not, see Failed to Upgrade.

b.Check the operation of the services (calls, voicemail, one-X Portal for IP Office, etc). See Known Upgrade Issues for a number of known issues that affect some upgrades.

c.If part of a network, continue with the next server. See Upgrading a Network of Servers.