This process uploads an upgrade file to the VMware datastore being used by a virtual IP Office machine or machines. This file is the image of a virtual hard disk.

A virtual machine booted from this disk will perform an upgrade of the machines existing virtual hard disk from IP Office R11.0.4.5 to R11.1 SP2.

Tools & Equipment Required

R11.1 Upgrade VMDK File
This file is mounted onto a virtual machine as an additional drive. When the virtual machine is rebooted from this drive, it performs the process of upgrading the existing drive to R11.1 SP2. That process include the migration of all existing data.


1.Login to the VMware platform hosting the virtual machine.

2.Using the datastore browser, upload the upgrade VMDK to a folder on the datastore:

a.Select the datastore hosting the virtual machine(s) to be upgraded. It typically can be identified by having a top level folder that matches the name of the virtual machine which contains a VMX file for the virtual machine and VMDK files for it existing virtual disks.

b.Create a new folder by clicking the vmware_icon_new_folder add folder icon. An existing folder can be used, however do not use a virtual machine folder.

c.Click on the vmware_icon_upload upload icon. If prompted to install the client integration plug-in, follow the menus to install that plug in and then click on the upload icon again. Select the upgrade VMDK file and upload it to the folder.  

3.Copy the upgrade VMDK file to the first virtual machine that needs upgrading. This step is important for two reasons:

! Important
This step is important. The process of copying within VMware expands the size of the VMDK file from 4.5GB to 200GB. The file cannot be used for the upgrade process until expanded.

a.Select the uploaded upgrade VMDK file and click on the vmware_icon_copy copy icon.

b.Browse to the datastore folder with the same name as the virtual machine to be upgraded and click OK.

c.Wait until the process displays "Complete", indicating that the file has been copied and the copy inflated to 200GB. Note: The process also displays "100%" when nearly finished, however wait until "Complete" is shown.

4.You can now proceed with upgrading the virtual machine using the copy of the VMDK file. See Upgrading a VMware Virtual Machine.