You can listen to, change and save your personal greeting.


Visual Voice only modifies your Personal Greeting for All Calls.


To change your mailbox greeting:

1.Press button-full Voice.

2.Press button-left Greeting. The following options are then displayed on the soft-keys.

Record - starts recording.

Listen - to hear your current greeting.

Submit - saves the new greeting.

Delete - deletes your current greeting.


To listen to your current Greeting:

1.Press button-left Listen.


To Record a new Greeting:

1.Press button-right Record. The Stop soft-key is then displayed.

2.Record your Greeting and then press button-right Stop.

3.Press button-right Listen to hear the message you have just recorded; re-record if you are not satisfied with the Greeting.

4.Press button-left Submit to save the new Greeting.

5.Press button_exit EXIT to return to the main display.