The Conference feature allows you to conference other parties (including yourself) into a call.


The number of parties allowed in a conference is controlled by your phone system.

Two Call Appearance keys are required for the conference feature.


To add another party to a call:

1.Press button_conference CONFERENCE
The first call is placed on hold temporarily.

2.Dial the number of the person you want to add to the call.

3.Wait for an answer. To add the person to the call, press button_conference CONFERENCE again.
If the called party does not answer or does not want to join the conference, press button_drop DROP. To return to the held call, press buttonleft adjacent to the held call.

4.Repeat steps 1 through 3 for additional conference connections.


To see the details of the different participants in the conference, press button_half_left and button_half_right Prev/Next.



To leave a conference, hang up.

To display which conference participants to drop from the conference, press button_drop DROP. You can then select the participant to drop by pressing the button_half_left and button_half_right Prev/Next buttons to display the participants,  then press button_drop DROP again.