You can divert your calls to another extension using Follow Me. Unlike Forward, Follow me can only be used to divert calls to another internal extension on the same IP Office.



If you do not answer calls at the temporary extension, they are forwarded to your own voicemail or call forwarding number.


To use Follow-Me-Here from another extension:

In this case, N is your home extension

Dial *12*N# from the extension you are temporarily using.

Dial *13*N# to re-direct the calls back to your own extension, before you return to it.


To use Follow-Me-To from your home extension:

In this case, N is the extension to which you want your calls diverted.

Dial *14*N# from your own extension.

Dial *14*# to cancel either feature from your own extension.



If you use the option Cancel All Forwarding, your Follow Me will also be cancelled.

Follow Me does not apply to the following call types:

       — Voicemail Callback
       — Automatic Call Back
       — HOLD or Park return.