The Erase All option allows you to reset all personalized settings entered through the phone's Option menus (except contrast level). It also deletes all entries in the phones Call Log and Speed Dial lists.

To erase all settings:

1.To exit any other mode, press button_exit EXIT and then press any button-full below the display.

2.Press button-full Option.

3.Press button_half_left or button_half_right until a menu entitled "Select item(s) to erase" is displayed.

4.To select/de-select an item for erasure, press button-left next to an item, display_triangle is shown next to selected items. The items selectable for erasure are:

·Speed Dials: Selects for erasure all speed dials set in the phone's SpDial store.

·Call Log: Selects for erasure all entries in the phone's call log.

·User Labels: Selects for erasure all customized function key labels.

·Language: Selects to default the phone's language setting back to default.

·Options: Any for erasure or defaulting all other phone options.

·All: Selects for erasure or defaulting all of the above.

5.Press button-full Erase or button-full Cancel.

6.Press button-full Done.