Both the button-left, button-right function keys and button-full soft keys can be used to access a range of system features. The display adjacent to the key shows the feature name.

Some of these features are default features supported by the phone (e.g. SpDial, Log, Option and Label on the soft keys) and are always available. Others are system features that can only be programmed by the system administrator for function keys.

The main screen has two pages. This means that the six button-left and button-right keys on each page could be used for up to twelve features. To move between pages, press button_half_left and button_half_right.

Programming your own functions:
If the phone has been setup with either or both the Admin and Admin1 features assigned to display keys, you can select and program a number of feature against keys yourself. See Function Key Programming. The full range of possible features can only be programmed by the system administrator.

Changing the labels of the Function Keys:
You can personalize the text labels shown next to the function keys, including those programmed by the system administrator. See Changing Function Key Labels.