You can put a call on hold to gather information, or to answer a second call. If a second call arrives you will here a short ring and the flashing icon_ringing_call symbol will appear next to the Call Appearance key.


To put an existing call on hold:

1.Press button_hold HOLD.
The symbol next to the Call Appearance key changes to display_hold
If you are placing the call on hold to answer a second call,

2.Answer the second call by pressing the call appearance key with the icon_ringing_call symbol against it.
The symbol changes to icon_connected_call; showing that the line is connected.


To return to the held call:

1.If you have a call in progress, put that call on hold as above.

2.To retrieve a held call, press the Call Appearance button with display_hold against it.
The symbol next to the call appearance key changes to icon_connected_call.



With hold return timer (defined by your system administrator), you are reminded that you have a call on hold. The phone will give a short ring and icon_ringing_call symbol is displayed.

If the system feature AutoHold is on (consult your system administrator) then you can hold an active call (icon_connected_call) by pressing (icon_ringing_call) against the second call. If AutoHold is off, then pressing (icon_ringing_call) against the second call, will drop the first call.

To transfer a held call, see Transfer.