When the phone is first installed, it is set to display screen text in English. You can select the language that you would prefer from the following:

English, German (Deutsch), French (Français), Spanish (Español), Italian (Italiano), Dutch (Nederlands), Portuguese (Português) or Japanese (Katakana characters).


This does not alter your user language setting on the phone system.


To change the language:

1.To exit any other mode, press button_exit EXIT and then press any button-full below the display.

2.Press button-full Option.  

3.Press button-left Language. A menu listing the available languages appears, with the current language underlined.

4.Press button-left or button-right next to the language required. The screen text changes to the language selected.

5.Do one of the following:

To save the settings and return to the Options menu, press button-full Save. You will hear a confirmation tone.

To return to the options menu without saving any changes, press button-full Cancel.

To return to the call handling screen without saving any changes, press button_exit EXIT.