To listen to your Voicemails or your Group Voicemails:

1.Press button-full Voice.

2.Press button-left Listen (for your messages) or button-left <group name> (for your hunt group messages),for example, Sales (25).

3.When prompted, key in the password. If your extension has been configured as a trusted source, the password will not be required.
Note - If you do not have the required password, contact your administrator.
You will be presented with the following message categories for your messages:

New (5)

Old (7)

Saved (13)
Note - The total number of messages in each category is displayed in brackets.

4.Use the feature key to select the category, for example button-right New.


The first message in the selected category will play; and the following message handling feature key options are displayed:

·Next - Plays next message.

·<<   - rewinds current message by 5 sec

·>>   – fast forwards current message by 5 sec

·Pause- pauses the current message/resumes playing

·Delete - Delete the current message.

·Save - Change the current message's category to 'saved'

·Previous – Plays previous message

·Copy- Copy the message to another mailbox or mailboxes. If selecting more than one mailbox, the entries must be separated with a #.


To add a covering message to the copied voicemail.

1.Press button-left Copy, and add the recipients. The feature keys change to the copy options.

2.Press button-left Pre-Rec.

3.Record your message.

4.Press button-left Stop.

5.Press button-left Listen to check your message.  You can change the message by selecting Pre-Rec again.

6.Press button-left Send.



Depending on the number of feature keys available, you may need to use the scrolling facility to see all of the options.