Your administrator has created your initial configuration so that you will be automatically logged on to your home extension. However, you may be required to log in for the following reasons:

Forced login - if your configuration does not  allow automatic login to your home extension.  

To use an extension other than your own (hot desking)

If you, or somebody else, has logged you out of your extension.



When hot desking, any short codes you have setup on your home extension will be passed to the extension you have logged on to.

Certain information such as speed-dials and call log are telephone model dependent, and will not be passed to the new extension.

You will be able to hot desk to extensions on remote sites only if the Small Community Advanced Networking License is installed on that system. Contact your Systems Administrator.


To login to your home extension (forced login), enter *35*P#, where 'P' is your login code.


To login at another extension (hot desking), enter *35*N*P#, where 'N' is your home extension number and 'P' is your login code.



Your login code, if configured, will be supplied by your Administrator.

You have 4 attempts at logging on.  If you fail to logon correctly, the message "Invalid" will be shown on the main display and you will hear the busy tone. If you fail all 4 attempts to log on, you must wait 90 seconds before any login will be accepted, whether correct or not.