To make calls from the all Call Log:

1.Press button-full Log. If button-full Log is not shown, press any button-full.

2.At default, button-full Missed calls are displayed first. You can select from button-full InAns or button-full Outgo. Alternatively, press button-full More and select button-full All to display all three options. To return to button-full Missed or button-full InAns or button-full Outg, press
button-full Back and make your selection.

3.To display different pages of log entries, press button_half_left and button_half_right.

4.When you locate the entry you want to call, press button-left or button-right next to the entry.
If the number shown is external but does not include the external dialling prefix used by your phone system, go off-hook, dial the prefix and then press button-full Call.