This guide covers the use of the 2410 phones on IP Office.


1.Display, Call Appearance and Feature Buttons: Call Appearance keys allow you to handle multiple calls and the display shows call information. Details on system features (allocated by your system administrator) can also be displayed. See Call Appearance Keys and Function Keys.

2.Message Lamp: The lamp is used as follows:

·On (Continuous): There are new messages in your voicemail mailbox, or another mailbox for which you have been configured to receive "Message Waiting Indication".

·Flashing: The lamp can also be set to flash when the phone receives a call. See Ring Options.

3.button_half_left button_half_right Previous/Next Page: Move through the different pages of the call handling, speed dials and call log screens. Also used to move the cursor during data entry.

4.button_voicemail MESSAGES: Access your mailbox.

5.Call Handling Buttons:

·button_hold HOLD:
Red button used to place a call on hold.

·button_transfer TRANSFER:
Transfers a call to another phone.

·button_conference CONFERENCE:
Sets up conference calls with more than one other person.

·button_drop DROP:
Drops the current call or, if on a conference call, drops the last person to join the conference.

·button_redial REDIAL:
Redials the last number dialed or displays the last 6 numbers dialed from the phone, depending on configuration via the Options menu.

6.Dial Pad: Standard 12-button pad for dialling phone numbers.

7.button_down button_up Volume Controls: Adjusts the speaker, handset, headset, or ringer volume depending on which is currently in use.

8.Handset and Headset Sockets: Used for connection of the handset and optional headset.

9.button_mute MUTE: Turns the microphone on/off. When in use, the associated light is on and the caller cannot hear you.  

10.button_headset HEADSET: Switches from handset to headset. The light associated with this button turns on when the headset is active.

11.button_speaker SPEAKER: Access the speakerphone. The light associated with this button turns on when the speakerphone is active. Note that while the speakerphone is active the handset is muted.  

12.button_exit EXIT: Returns you to the main call handling screen.

13.Softkeys button-full: Used to navigate to or initiate certain features, such as Speed Dial or Call Log, as well as control certain actions within the features. These keys correspond to the text prompts in the display screen immediately above them.