Self Test can be used to display information about the phone and to check operation of the lamps and display. The information may be required by your system administrator.


To perform a self test:

1.To exit any other mode, press button_exit EXIT and then press any button-full below the display.

2.Press button-full Option.  

3.Press button-left Self Test. A screen of information is displayed.
In the top row, the center of the display should show REL:2.00 or higher. If not the phone’s software needs to be upgraded. Consult your system administrator.

4.Press and hold button-full Test. The screen lines should all go black and all the phone lamps should come on. If they do not ,consult your system administrator.

5.Release button-full Test and do one of the following:

To return to the options menu, press button-full Done.

To return to the call handling screen, press button_exit EXIT.