If you change the call log settings, any call details already in the call log that no longer match the selection are deleted.


To set which calls are logged:

1.To exit any other mode, press button_exit EXIT and then press any button-full below the display.

2.Press button-full Option.

3.Press button-left Log Setup. A menu showing Answered, Un-Answered and Outgoing, with their current settings displays.

4.To toggle a particular setting between Yes and No, press button-right next to it. Alternatively;
To underline a call type's current setting, press button-left next to it. To change the value of the currently underlined setting, press Yes/No.

5.Do one of the following:

·To save the settings and return to the options menu, press button-full Save. You will hear a confirmation tone.
If you press button-full Save after changing the settings, any existing call log entries that do not match the call types selected are deleted from the call log.

·To return to the button-full Options menu without saving any changes, press button-full Cancel.

·To return to the call handling screen without saving any changes, press button_exit EXIT.