DSS Templates

The attached zip file below contains Word document templates for the paper programmable key labels on various phones supported by the system. Two templates are provided, one for A4 size paper, the other for US Letter sized paper. Note: For 1400 Series phones, use the templates provided for the 1600 Series phones.


For ETR, M-Series, T-Series, 1400 and 1600 phones, a number of tools and perforated printable labels are available. For further details visit http://support.avaya.com and search for information on DESI. Alternatively visit http://www.desi.com.

IP Office Manager is able to pass user button information to a DESI application on the same PC. This allows printing of labels using the label text set within the system configuration. Currently only ETR, M-Series, T-Series, 1400 and 1600 phonesphones are supported by DESI.