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1408/1416 Phone User Guide

> Redialling

Selecting Your Redial Mode

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You can select whether your phone uses the redial list or last call redial mode.

1.Press the Features soft key if shown.

To access the menu during a call, press the right arrow right arrow key or press the key phone PHONE key and then press the Features soft key.

2.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to scroll the display to the option Call Settings.

3.Press the Select soft key or the OK button or the right arrow right arrow key.

4.Use the up arrow up and down down arrow arrow keys to scroll the menu to Redial Action.

5.The current mode, List or One is displayed.

If this mode is selected, pressing the Redial will display a menu of the 10 most recent outgoing calls in your call log. You can select the call that you want to redial and perform a number of other functions.

If this mode is selecting, pressing Redial will immediately repeat the most recent outgoing call in your call log. None of the other redial function will be accessible.

6.Use either the Change soft key or the left arrow left or right right arrow arrow keys to change the mode.

7.When the required mode is displayed, press the Done soft key.



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