Accessing Your Call Log


  1. Access your call log:
    1. Press the CALL LOG button.
      • If you have any new missed calls, the button is illuminated and opening the call log shows missed calls.

    2. Use the left/right cursor keys to select the type of records shown: All, Outgoing, Incoming and Missed.
    3. Use the up/down cursor keys to scroll through the records.
  2. You can use the functions listed at the bottom of the display by pressing the soft key below the function name.
    • Call – Make a call to the number stored in the currently displayed call log record.

    • Details – Display more details about the current call log record. You can also add the caller details to your personal directory if required.

    • More – Switch between the different sets of available soft key functions.

    • Delete – Deletes the currently displayed record.

    • Del All – Delete all the call log records, not just the current types of records being shown.

    • +Contact – Add the currently highlighted call log record to your personal contacts.

  3. To exit the call log, press PHONE button.