Answering Another Call

Your phone lets you handle multiple calls at the same time. Whilst you can only have one call connected (talking) at any time, you can have other calls on hold.

A slow flashing red lamp on an appearance button indicates an alerting call. For additional calls, there is no ringing or just a single alert tone.

If you are already on a call, answering a new call automatically put that existing call on hold unless your first press Drop.


  1. To answer the waiting call, press the appearance key indicating the new call. The new call is answered and your existing call is automatically put on hold.
  2. You can switch between calls by pressing the appearance button of the call to which you want to speak.
  3. The soft key functions shown relate to the call which is currently highlighted. Normally that is the call just answered or represented by the last appearance key pressed, but using the cursor keys below the display you can change which call is highlighted whilst still remaining connected to your current call.