Call Appearance Buttons

Call appearance buttons are used to display calls to and from your phone. By having several call appearance buttons, you are able to answer and make several calls, switch between calls, and perform other actions.

When all your call appearance buttons are in use, any further calls to your number follow your 'forward on busy' setting, if set. Otherwise, calls go to voicemail (if available).

By default a=, b= and so on is displayed. This can be replaced by another label if required.

When the user is not connected to a call, the button indicated as selected is the button that will be used if the user goes off hook without pressing an appearance button. When a user is connected to a call, that call is the selected button.

LED Red | Green Name Description
Off | Off Idle The call appearance is not in use and is not currently selected.
On | Off Idle+Selected As above but this is the current selected button that will be used if you go off hook.
Off | Flash Alerting Alerting for an incoming call, accompanied by ringing. If already on a call, only a single ring is given.
On | Flash Alerting+Selected As above but this is the current selected button that answered if you go off hook..
On | On In Use Here You have a currently connected call or are dialing.
Off | On In Use Elsewhere The call appearance button is in use on a bridged appearance.
Off | Fast Flash On Hold Here You have put a call on hold.
Both Fast Flash On Hold Pending Transfer  
Off | Intermittent Flash On Hold Elsewhere A call on a bridged appearance button matched to the call appearance has been put on hold.
Off | Broken Flash Invalid The button is not programmed for any function.