Changing Your Security PIN

You can change your own security PIN (login code). This is not your voicemail code used for voicemail access. If set, this PIN is used for logging in at other phones, locking your phone, and accessing system administration features.


  1. Press the Features soft key if shown.
    • To do this during a call, press the PHONE key and then press Features.

  2. Use the cursor keys to select Phone User.
  3. Use the cursor keys to select Set Security Pin.
  4. Enter your current security PIN if you already have one and press Done.
  5. Enter your new security PIN.
    • Your system administrator can set rules for the required length of the code and to block the use of obvious codes (1234, 1111). You cannot save a new code until those requirements have been meet. Contact your system administrator for details of your system’s settings if necessary.

  6. Press Save.