Deleting a Contact

You can delete a contact from your own personal directory.


  1. Access your personal directory contacts:
    1. Press the CONTACTS key. The directory menu is displayed.
    2. Use the left and right cursor keys to select your Personal directory.
    1. Use the up and down cursor keys to scroll through the list. Alternatively, you can start dialing the name you want to display only matching entries as follows:
      • Pressing a key enters all of the characters represented by that key. Pressing another key adds the characters from that button to the previous key press.

      • For example, dialing 527 matches all names starting with JAS (for example "Jason") and with KAR (for example "Karl") plus any other letter combinations from those 3 key presses. See How the Directory Search Works.

      • To remove all the characters entered so far, press Clear.

    2. To view more details of the highlighted name, press Details. To return to the directory press List.
  2. Locate the required entry and press Details.
  3. Press More and then Delete.
  4. Press Delete again to confirm the action.