Dialing a Number in En-Bloc Mode


  1. With no connected call, start dialing. Do not lift the handset or select the headset, speaker or an appearance button before dialing:
    • You can use the left cursor key or the Bksp key to delete the previous digit dialed.

    • Press Clear to erase the whole number dialed so far.

  2. When you have completed the number, you can select how you want to make the call:
    • Lift the handset to make a call using the handset.

    • Press the Call soft key or OK button to start the call using the phone's default handsfree audio path (speaker or headset). You can also press one of your idle call appearance buttons to make the call using that appearance.

    • Press the HEADSET button to start the call on a headset connected to your phone.

    • Press the SPEAKER button to start the call on your phone's handsfree speaker.