Call Soft Keys

The functions performed by the buttons just below the display change dynamically. Each buttons current function is shown by the label (if any) above it on the display.

Note that the soft keys only relate to the call represented by the currently highlighted call. That does not necessarily have to be the connected call.

You can use the up and down cursor keys to change which call is currently highlighted and has its call details displayed without interrupting the connected call. This allows you to access the soft key options for that other call

The following are some of the common soft key options. Note that some soft key options are only be available if enabled by your system administrator.
Label Function
Account Enter an account code to associate with the call.
Answer Answer a page call, turning it into a normal call.
CallBack Set an automatic callback on the user that you have called but who has not answered. When they next end a call, the telephone system will call you and when answered, will automatically make a call to the user.
Complete Complete the transfer of a held call. A Cancel option is also shown which will end the transfer attempt.
Conf Put your current call on hold and present dial tone for you to dial the number you want to add to a conference with the held caller.
Connect Take a call off hold.
Dir Access the directory in order to select a number by name rather than dialing it. The type of names available in the directory is adjusted to match those suitable for use by the feature.
Drop If you are connected to the call, this option ends the call. If the call is a personal call alerting, this option sends the call to your forward on busy number if set or else to your voicemail if enabled. If it is a hunt group call that is alerting, this option sends the call to the next member of the group.
Ignore Silence the ringer for the current alerting call. The call will continue alerting until either answered, it goes to voicemail, or the caller abandons the call.
Pickup Answer the call that is held or alerting another user.
Redial If there are outgoing numbers in your call log, display the list of those numbers.
Transfer Put your current call on hold and present dial tone for you to dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.
ToVM Send an alerting call to your voicemail.