Editing Your Programmable Buttons

Self-administration is used to select and apply a function to a feature key. It can be used to replace or delete existing functions.


  1. Press the Features soft key if shown.
    • To do this during a call, press the PHONE key and then press Features.

  2. Use the cursor keys to select Phone User.
  3. Use the cursor keys to select Self-Administer.
  4. Enter your security PIN and press Done.
  5. Use the cursor keys to scroll through the list of current functions assigned to each button.
    • To remove the existing function from a button press Erase.

    • You can also press More and use the Copy and Paste options to copy the settings of an existing button to another button.

    • To assign a function to the highlighted button press Replace.

      • Select the required function from the list and press Select.

      • Depending on the function, you may need to enter some information such as a target extension number.

    • The button is given a default label based on the function assigned. To change the label, press More and then select Label. Use the keyboard to enter the text you want to display for the button label. Note that the label is only shown while editing the label and after you exit the administration menu.

  6. When completed, press Back.