Using Voicemail Email

Voicemail email is a feature where emails are sent to your email address when your voicemail mailbox receives a new voicemail message. The email can include the voicemail message as an attachment or it can be just an alert.


  1. Press the MESSAGE button.
    • Depending on how your system is configured, you may be required to enter your voicemail password and then press Done.

  2. The Visual Voice menu is displayed.
  3. Use the up and down cursor keys to scroll to the option Email. This option is only available if your email address has been set in your voicemail settings by the system administrator.
  4. The menu displays your current voicemail email mode setting. Press Change to scroll through the possible settings:
    • Off - Do not send any emails.

    • Copy - Send an email with a copy of the new voicemail message attached.

    • Forward - Send an email with the new voicemail message attached and delete the message from the voicemail mailbox.

    • Alert - Send an email telling you there is a new message but do not attach a copy of the message.

  5. When the required setting is displayed, press Save. To exit without changing the setting, press Cancel.