Phone Keys

The following keys may be found on the phone (the keys can vary depending on the particular model of phone):

Key Name Description
or Appearance



These keys have two roles:
  • Appearance Buttons – These buttons are used to make and receive calls. Each button represents a separate call. For example, the currently connected call to which you are talking, a held call and a new incoming call that is waiting to be answered. See Appearance Buttons.

  • Feature Buttons – Any other keys can be used for programmable feature buttons. The label next to the button indicates its function. You can reprogram some buttons, see Programmable Feature Buttons.

Soft Keys The keys below the display have variable functions. When the key is active, its function is indicated by the text label that appears above it. See Call Soft Keys.
Cursor Keys This dial acts as a set of cursor key:
  • You can use the up and down cursor keys to scroll through lists.

  • You can also use the left and right cursor keys to enter and exit different levels of the menu. Menu option that accesses a sub-menu is indicated by the ... dots (ellipsis) after its name or a > symbol.

  • When changing settings, the left and right cursor keys can sometimes be used to scroll through possible settings.

OK Button This button, in the center of the cursor keys has multiple functions:
  • When the phone is idle, it can acts the same as going off-hook to dial.

  • When on a call or in a menu, pressing it matches the function offered by the left-most soft key below the screen.

MESSAGE This key is used to access your voicemail system. By default this uses a series of menus on your phone's display. See Voicemail.
PHONE This key is used to exit any menu you are in and return to the phone's normal button display. During a call it can also be used to toggle the options displayed on the appearance menu.
MAIN MENU This key is used to access a menu for phone settings and information. These are settings stored by the phone itself rather than the telephone system.
CONTACTS This key is used to display the various directories (personal and shared) of names and telephone numbers to which you have access. See Contacts.
CALL LOG This key displays a record of your most recent calls (answered, missed, and outgoing). The button is illuminated when you have new missed calls. See Using the Call Log.
– + VOLUME Press + plus or minus ends of the key to adjust the volume. When the phone is idle, the button adjusts the ringer volume. When on a call, the button adjusts the caller volume on the handset, headset or speaker depending on which is being used at the time.
HEADSET This key is used to answer and end calls using a headset connected to the phone's headset socket. The button is lit when you are connected to a call using the headset.
MUTE This key can be used to mute your speech to the currently connected call. The button is lit while mute is active.
SPEAKER This key is used to answer and end calls using the phone's handsfree speaker and microphone. The button is lit when you are connected to a call handsfree.