Single/Dual Column Display

The phone can be set to use either the full screen width (single-column mode) or just a half-width (dual-column mode) for each programmable appearance and feature button. The number of programmable buttons that can be configured is not affected by the selected display mode.

Your system administrator can select which option is used by default. However, you can then select which one you prefer.


  1. Press the Features soft key if shown.
    • To do this during a call, press the PHONE key and then press Features.

  2. Use the cursor keys to select Phone User.
  3. Use the cursor keys to select Phone Screen Settings.
  4. Use the up and down cursor keys to highlight Display Mode.
  5. Press the Change soft key to change the setting or use the left or right cursor keys.
    • Dual Column – Each programmed button occupies one half of the screen line on which it is displayed, either the right-hand or left-hand side. The adjacent physical button on that side of the display is used to indicate the button's status and to control the button feature.

    • Single Column – Each programmed button feature occupies the full width of the screen. The physical buttons on both sides of the display are used to control the button feature. However, the button status is only shown by the left-hand button. In this mode, appearance button labels also show a call status icon (for example: idle, alerting, connected).

  6. Press Save.