Twinning is a process whereby your calls ring on two phones. Twinning is only available if configured by your system administrator. The system supports several methods of twinning.

Feature Description
Mobile Twinning Mobile twinning allows your calls to ring at both your phone's and at another phone's number, which can include an external number. If you have been configured as a mobile twinning user, you can switch the use of mobile twinning on or off through the phone's menus and can also change the number to which you are twinned.

Using the phone menus, you can switch use of mobile twinning on/off and change the destination number for twinned calls.

Internal Twinning This method of twinning twins your normal phone with another internal phone. Your incoming calls ring on both phones. You can also make your calls from either extension.
  • A typical example for internal twinning would be a user who uses both a normal desk phone and also needs a mobile phone while moving around the building.

  • Your settings are applied to both phones. Similarly, message waiting indication and voicemail access from either phone is to your mailbox.

  • If both phones are phones that store your contacts and call history on the system, the contacts and call history on each is the same.