Viewing Call Details

You can view additional details about the currently shown call.


  1. Access your call log:
    1. Press the CALL LOG button.
      • If you have any new missed calls, the button is illuminated and opening the call log shows missed calls.

    2. Use the left/right cursor keys to select the type of records shown: All, Outgoing, Incoming and Missed.
    3. Use the up/down cursor keys to scroll through the records.
  2. Press the Details soft key. The individual details of the currently selected call record are displayed. The possible values are:
    • Name - The name of the caller if known.

    • Number - The number of the caller if available.

    • Time and Date - The time of the call.

    • Call Type Icon - The type of call record.

    • Count - How many time a call of the same type, name and number has occurred. Only the details of the most recent call are kept in your call log. However the count indicates if the caller has rung or has been rung several times.

    • Duration - The length of the call.

  3. While you are in the details of a call record, the soft key functions available are:
    • Call – Make a call to the number stored in the currently displayed call log record.

    • List - Go back to the normal call screen to select another call record. You can also use the up and down cursor keys to view the previous or next record.

    • Delete – Deletes the currently displayed record.

    • More – Switch between the different sets of available soft key functions.

    • Del All – Delete all the call log records, not just the current types of records being shown.

    • +Contact – Add the currently highlighted call log record to your personal contacts.