Checking Messages Using Visual Voice


  1. Press the MESSAGE button.
    • Depending on how your system is configured, you may be required to enter your voicemail password and then press Done.

  2. The Visual Voice menu is displayed.
  3. The numbers shown against the Listen option indicate the number of new, old, and saved messages in your mailbox.
    • If the system administrator has configured you to receive message waiting indication for any other users and/or hunt group mailboxes, you can also use the up and down cursor keys to highlight their names access the messages in those mailboxes.

  4. Highlight Listen and press Select
  5. Use the up and down cursor keys to highlight which messages (New, Old or Saved) you want to listen to and press Select. The details of the first message of that type are displayed.
  6. You can use the up and down cursor keys to scroll through the messages.
  7. Use the soft keys to control the playback actions for the currently highlighted message:
    • To select the next message or previous message, use the up and down cursor keys.

    • To fast forward or rewind the current playing message by 5 seconds, use the left and right cursor keys.

    • Call – Call the person who left the message.

    • Back – Return to the previous menu.

    • Play/Pause – Start/stop playback of the currently displayed message.

    • Delete – Delete the message.

    • Save – Mark the message as saved. Saved messages are not normally automatically deleted.

    • Copy – Copy the message to another mailbox. The menu prompts you to enter the destination number.