Phone Overview

This guide covers using the J100 Series telephones on IP Office telephone systems (except the J129 which has its own separate documentation).

These phones are supported on a number of Avaya telephone systems and support different features depending on the telephone system. This guide covers only the features supported on an IP Office telephone system.

Phone Programmable Buttons[1] Color Display Optional WiFi Optional Bluetooth Headset Socket Speaker Phone Button Module Support
J129 Yes Yes
J139 12 Yes Yes Yes
J159 48 Yes Yes Yes Yes
J169 24 Yes Yes JBM24 x 3

JEM24 x 3

J179 24 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
J189 48 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes JEM24 x 2
  1. On phones which support button modules, the number of buttons supported can be increased by the addition of modules.