J139 Restrictions

Menu Support

The J139 uses the same Feature and Status menus as other J100 Series telephones except for the following menu options. In some cases, the menu feature may still be usable via short codes, a programmable button and/or using an application.

  • Auto-Answer

  • Call Pickup

  • Call Park

  • Coverage Ring

  • DND Exceptions

  • Disable Ringer

  • Log Out

  • Group State

  • Group Fallback

  • Self-Administration

  • System Administration

Programmable Button Support

The J139 supports the same programmable button features as other J100 Series telephones except for the following:

  • Automatic Intercom

  • Bridged Appearance

  • Call Intrude

  • Call Listen

  • Call Steal

  • Coaching Intrusion

  • Conference Meet Me

  • Coverage Appearance

  • Internal Auto-Answer

  • MADN Call Appearance

  • Self-Administer

  • Set Hunt Group Night Service

  • Set Hunt Group Out of Service

  • Set Night Service Destination

  • Set Out of Service Destination