Setting the Time Offset

The process below can be used when the telephone system does not obtain the time and date automatically. On systems that are configured to obtain the time automatically, the option for checking the Time Server Status is available instead. See Checking the Time Server Status.


  1. Press the Features soft key if shown.
    • To do this during a call, press the PHONE key and then press Features.

  2. Use the cursor keys to select Phone User.
  3. Use the cursor keys to select System Administration.
    • This option is only present if you have been configured as a system phone user by your system administrator.

    • This menu is not supported on J139 phones.

  4. Enter your security PIN (login code) and press Done.
  5. Use the cursor keys to select Local Time Offset.
  6. The current offset is displayed.
  7. Enter the offset required in hours and minutes:
    • To enter the : separator press either the * or # key.

    • To delete the previous digit or character entered press the Bksp key.

    • To change the offset from between positive or negative press the right cursor key.

  8. When a valid offset has been entered, the Set soft key is displayed.
  9. To apply the offset to the current telephone system time, press the Set soft key.