Status Letters

The top lines of the display can include the following status letters. These letter may appear as a group of letters, for example OG or NG.

B Barred – The system administrator has prohibited you from making external calls. You can only make internal calls.
G In Group – You have been configured as a member of a hunt group and your membership of the group is enabled. This means you may receive calls targeted to the hunt group. See Group Membership.
O Out of Service – A group of which you are a member is in night service mode. Calls to the group are diverted to its fallback if set or otherwise to voicemail if available. See .Group Service Status and Fallback
R Resilience – Your phone is working in resilience mode. This is used when a problem with your telephone system or the connection to it means another system is providing support for your phone. In this mode, some features may not be available and calls may be routed differently.
S System Alarm – If you are configured as a system administrator, this indicates a system alarm. See Reporting System Alarms.
T Twinned – Your phone is internally twinned with another extension. Calls to you alert on both phones and can be answered at either. See Twinning Button.
! Cannot Retrieve Settings – This indicates that the phone was not able to retrieve all your user settings. If this happens, it may limit some telephone functions. Contact your system administrator.