The XML file containing the systems PLDS licenses is stored on the System SD card. This file can be added to the system SD card prior to installation. The license are then automatically imported into the system configuration when the system is started.

The card's ID number is printed on the card's label after PLDS ID, FK SN or FK depending on the age of the card. On newer cards is a 12-digit number. Older cards may have a 10-digit number. For PLDS licensing, use the 12-digit number. On older cards, for licensing, prefix the 10-digit number with 11.

Minimum License Requirements

For IP Office Basic Edition mode, new systems with no licensed features do not require any license to operate. However, if any license features are required, a Basic Edition system license is also needed.

To load a License File onto a system SD card

1.Rename the supplied .XML license file to PLDSkeys.xml.

2.Using a card reader, copy the file into the /system/primary folder on the System SD memory card.