Each IP500 DS16B/DS30B and DS16B2/DS30B2 external expansion module in a system can support either DS phone ports or BST phone ports.

The modules default to DS phone port operation. The mode of any particular module can be changed though the system configuration.

The processes below require the IP Office system to reboot in order to apply any changes made. The reboot ends all current calls and services.

DS16B/DS30B Upgrade Behavior:
For DS16B/DS30B modules the process of loading the appropriate firmware for the selected mode or upgrading takes up to 10 minutes during which time the module is not available.

DS16B2/DS30B2 Upgrade Behavior:
The behavior of DS16/30B2 during firmware upgrade or switching modes differs from other external expansion units:

During the firmware upgrade, the unit remains operational and can make and receive calls.

Once the upgrade is completed (approximately 9 minutes) the unit reboots and takes about 45 seconds to return to normal operation.


To change the IP500 DS16B/30B module port mode:

1.Click on Home in the menu bar.

2.To the top right of the graphical representation of the control unit ports are a set of links, one link for the control unit and each connected external expansion module. Clicking any of these links displays information about the related unit or module. For any IP500 DS16B and or IP500 DS30B external expansion modules, the link includes the word (Mode). Click on the link of the required external expansion module.

3.Click Change Mode.

4.Select the required mode.

This mode supports phones that require a DS port. For example 9500 Series phones.

This mode supports phones that require BST ports. For example M-Series and T-Series phones.

5.Click Save.