This card is used to add 6 ETR phone extension ports to an IP500 V2A control unit. It also includes 2 analog extension ports which are for emergency use only when the card is fitted with an analog trunk daughter card. A further 4 RJ45 ports (9 to 12) are provided for trunk connections when an IP500 trunk daughter card is fitted to this card.

ETR6 card

ETR and analog phones. Each ETR phone can be used for an ETR or analog phone. Support for ETR 34D phone is limited to a maximum of 2 per ETR6 card and 4 in total.

Paging to external paging equipment is not supported via ETR6 ports. It is supported via POT ports.

The only analog phones tested by Avaya  for IP Office Essential Edition are the Avaya 6200 Series. If other analog phones are used, it is the customer's own responsibility to ensure that those phones work as required.

Maximum per Control Unit: 3.

IP500 Trunk Card Support: ✓ 1. The IP500 BRI trunk daughter card is not supported.

IP Office Modes: Only supported in IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode or IP Office Basic Edition (U-Law) modes using a North-American locale.

Port Type




1 to 6

REN 1.

DTMF dialing only.

Message waiting indication 51V stepped.

ICLID mode Bellcore 202.


No status LED are used for ETR ports.

LED1 is also used for base card status:

Red On = Error/Not supported.

Red Slow Flash = Initializing.

Red Flash every 5 seconds = Card okay.

Red Fast Flash = System shutdown.


7 to 8

If fitted with an IP500 Trunk Daughter card, during power failure both these ports are connected to analog trunk port 12.

Supports ICLID modes DTMFA, DTMFC, DTMFD, FSK and UK20.

REN 2 (1 for external bell device).

Off-Hook current: 25mA

Ring Voltage: 40V.

Intended for connection to two-wire analog phones, the ports do not include a ringing capacitor. For connection to 4-wire analog phones, connection should be via a master socket with ringing capacitors.

No status LEDs are used for analog phone extensions.

Optional Trunk Ports

9 to 12

Depends on the type of trunk daughter card fitted. The ETR6 can be fitted with either a Analog Trunk card or PRI Trunk card.


LED use depends on the type of daughter card installed on the base card:

LED 9 is also used for daughter card status.

Red On = Error

Red Slow Flash = Initializing.

Red Flash every 5 seconds = Card okay.

Red Fast Flash = System shutdown.

Analog Card

Green on = Line connected to the port but idle.

Green flashing = Line in use.

PRI Card

Off = No trunk present.

Green on = Trunk present.

Green flashing = Trunk in use.

Red/Green Fast Flash (port 9) or Green Fast Flash (port 10) = Alarm indication signal (AIS) from the trunk remote end.

Red with Green Blink (port 9) or Green Blink (port 10) = Port in loopback mode (set through IP Office System Monitor).



SAP Code