IP Office Release 12.0 supports the following phones and phone add-ons. Availability may depend on location and may be subject to local restrictions. For details of button modules, see Phone Button Modules.

Note that support

Enhanced Tip and Ring (ETR Ports)

These phones are only supported on an ETR6 card. They are only supported in IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode and IP Office Basic Edition systems running a North American locale and U-Law companding.

ETR Series: ETR6, ETR6D, ETR18, ETR18D, ETR34D (ETR 34D phones are limited to a maximum of 2 per card and 4 in total)

Avaya DS Digital Telephones (DS Ports)

These digital stations connect to the system via DS ports.

1400 Series: 1403, 1408, 1416

9500 Series: 9504, 9508

Analog Telephones

Analog phones and devices connect to the system via PHONE. Due to the variety of analog phones and devices available, no guarantee of operation is given. It is the responsibility of the installer/maintainer to test and verify the operation of proposed analog equipment.

6200 Series: 6211, 6219, 6221 (North America).

B100 Series: B149, B159, B169*.

Interquartz Gemini: 9330-AV, 9335-AV, 9281-AV (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific).

Other Phones

Whilst non-Avaya analog and IP phones may operate with the system, Avaya will not provide support for those phones. The same also applies to other Avaya phones not specifically supported.