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IP500 V2/V2A IP Office Basic Edition

The phone system supports an external music on hold source. This connects to the Audio port on the rear of the system's control unit. You can configure whether the input to this port is played to callers when they are put on hold.

The music on hold input can also be played to callers being transferred rather than ringing tone. That behaviour is controlled by the system's Ring on Transfer setting.

The port is a 3.5mm stereo jack socket suitable for use with the most standard audio leads and connection to the 'headphone' output socket of most audio systems. The use of a 'headphone' socket allows simple volume adjustment. Connection via a 'Line Out' socket may require additional equipment in order to adjust the volume level.


Enabling Music on Hold

1.Click System in the menu bar and then click Auxiliary Equipment.

2.In the Music on Hold panel, select the required option.

This is the default. If enabled, the system will use the external music source connected to the phone system for its music on hold.

If not enabled, the system provides a double beep tone repeated every 5 seconds.

3.Click Save.


Using Music on Hold for Call Transfers

Calls being transferred normally hear ringing while the transfer process is in progress. This can be changed to hearing the system's music on hold source.

1.Click on System in the menu bar and then click on Switch.

2.Click on the Advanced button.

3.The Ring on Transfer setting controls whether callers hear ringing or music on hold while being transferred.

4.Click Save.



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