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IP500 V2/V2A IP Office Basic Edition

For systems with their Mode set to Key, when the system's Number of Lines setting is changed, the following other changes to the configuration occur:

The number of line appearance buttons set on all user extensions is reset to match the Number of Lines values. The buttons are assigned from button 03 upwards and will overwrite any existing buttons that are set to become line appearance buttons.

The user's automatic line selection settings are reset to match the number of lines.


When a system is first installed, the Number of Lines setting is automatically set to match the number of analog trunks present in the system. This means that all analog lines are automatically added as line appearances and added to the automatic line selection settings of users. If no analog trunks are present when the system is installed, the setting defaults to the first 5 lines.


Changing the Number of Lines Setting

! Warning
If the Number of Lines value is changed, all existing line appearance buttons and automatic line selection settings are overwritten. The existing functions on other programmable buttons are also overwritten if they are in the range of buttons now specified for lines. Therefore it is recommended that this setting is only changed when a system is first installed.

1.Click on System in the menu bar and then click on Switch.

2.In the System Parameters panel, change the Number of Lines setting to the required value.

3.Click Save.



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