When a new or defaulted IP Office is switched on, the control unit will make a DHCP requests for IP address settings for its LAN port (the WAN port should not be used).

If the IP Office receives a response from a DHCP server, it will configure itself as a DHCP client using the address details provided by the DHCP server.

If the IP Office does not receive a response from a DHCP server, it will still configure itself as a DHCP server but using the following default address details:


Network Settings

LAN Port (LAN1)

IP address

IP Mask




Setting the system IP addresses and DHCP mode are part of the initial configuration menu. The processes below are only necessary if you need to change the previous initial values.

The processes below require the IP Office system to reboot in order to apply any changes made. The reboot ends all current calls and services.

To change the IP address settings:

1.On the configuration home page, select Change System Settings. Alternatively from the Admin Tasks list select System | System Setup (if the Admin Tasks list is not visible, select View and deselect Hide Admin Tasks).

2.To use a fixed IP address, deselect Receive IP Address Via DHCP Server. Then in the IP Address (LAN1) and Sub-Net Mask (LAN1) fields, enter the required IP address settings.

3.Click Apply.

4.Continue with the basic configuration or click on the icon save config save icon to save the updated configuration and then continue.