This section covers basic configuration changes required for IP Office systems using the IP Office Manager application. This covers just the basic configuration, the full range of configuration possible through IP Office Manager is covered in the IP Office Manager manual.


1.Network Connection
Use IP Office Manager to connection to the new system.

2.Initial Configuration
The Initial Configuration menu is shown the first time that IP Office Manager or IP Office Web Manager connects to a new system.

3.Set the System Locale
Setting the correct system locale affects a wide range of settings including trunk settings. The correct locale must be set for a system to operate correctly.

4.Select Key System or PBX System Mode
The system can run in key system or PBX system modes.

5.Change the IP Address/DHCP Settings
If necessary, the IP address and DHCP mode of the IP Office system can be changed.

6.Set the Extension Numbering
Change the numbering mode used by the system between 2-digit and 3-digit. Renumber all the user extensions if required.

7.Uploading the License File
Upload the license file provided for the system and check the license status for the licenses.