IP Office Manager can be used to import trunk settings from a template. If you have multiple system using the same provider, this may simplify configuration and maintenance of the systems.

Trunk templates are used by different types of IP Office system. Those template settings not supported by an Basic Edition system are ignored.

Importing Templates

Templates must be placed in the correct Manager \Templates sub-folder. This can be done using the following command:

1.Select Tools | Import Templates in Manager.

2.Browse to the current folder containing the templates that you want to import and select that folder.

3.Click OK.

4.Any template files in the folder will be copied to the correct Manager sub-folder.

Copying a Trunk Template

1.Select Update Trunk Configurations or in Admin Tasks, select Trunks.

2.Click on the button at the left hand of an analog trunk to select it. Then right click and select icon sip import Copy Settings from Template.

3.Use the menu to select the template required.

4.Select the trunks to which you want the template applied.

5.Click Copy Settings.