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IP Office Basic Edition - Basic Edition Manager R11.1

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IP Office Basic Edition is the default mode assumed by a IP500v2 control unit fitted with an IP Office A-Law or IP Office Mu-Law System SD card.

This option will change the operating mode of the configuration loading in Manager to that of a IP Office Essential Edition system. Manager will automatically switch to its advanced view mode. When the configuration is sent back to the IP Office system, the system will restart in IP Office Essential Edition.

The command provides two options:

Using this method to switch to IP Office Essential Edition will default the configuration. It is the recommended method for installation of a new installation or for when a IP Office Essential Edition system has been defaulted and needs to be returned to IP Office Essential Edition operation.

Best Match
Using this method to switch to IP Office Essential Edition mode will attempt to preserve configuration settings; for examples user names, extension numbers, licenses, SIP trunks, etc. However many settings will be flagged as errors by Manager. These should be resolved before sending the configuration to the system.


For IP Office Release 8.0 and higher, for a system to operate in IP Office Essential Edition it must have an Essential Mode license in it configuration. IP Office Essential Edition systems without this license will not provide any telephony functions.

If this is an existing system, it is recommended that you first use Manager to receives and save a copy of the current configuration locally using Save Configuration As.

This process does not default the security settings of the system.

If this command is used on a system that includes components not supported by the IP Office Essential Edition (currently IP500 ETR6 base cards for ETR phones), the system will restart but those components will be disabled.

! Automatic Conversion to IP Office Essential Edition
This process can be applied automatically when a configuration for a new or defaulted system running in IP Office Basic Edition mode is loaded. This is done by selecting the Default to Standard mode option in the Manager Preferences. Only select this option if the only systems you expect to install are IP Office Essential Edition systems.



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