When this command is used, the Select IP Office menu is displayed. Once an IP Office system is selected, a valid user name and password are required. The type of reboot can then be selected.

An immediate reboot can also be performed from either of the first two extensions in the system using the Reset -Save All command.  


If Manager thinks the changes made to the configuration settings are mergeable, it will select Merge by default, otherwise it will select Immediate.

Send the configuration and then reboot the IP Office.

When Free
Send the configuration and reboot the IP Office when there are no calls in progress. This mode can be combined with the Call Barring options.

The same as When Free but waits for a specific time after which it then wait for there to be no calls in progress. The time is specified by the Reboot Time. This mode can be combined with the Call Barring options.

Reboot Time
This setting is used when the reboot mode Timed is selected. It sets the time for the IP Office reboot. If the time is after midnight, the IP Office's normal daily backup is canceled.

Call Barring
These settings can be used when the reboot mode When Free is selected. They bar the sending or receiving of any new calls.