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IP Office Basic Edition - Basic Edition Manager R11.1

Use this feature to be able to press a programmed button to prevent incoming calls for the extension from ringing (LEDs/LCD still flash). When Do Not Disturb is on, external callers hear ringing while internal callers hear a busy signal. You should use Do Not Disturb only if someone answers external calls for your extension when you do not answer them.

You can configure do not disturb exceptions. These are numbers that are still able to call even when do not disturb is on.


This function is only supported on a button that includes LED/LCD indicator. The indicator is lit when the function is enabled.

If the user has this feature enabled, removing this button will turn the feature off.

To access this function without a programmable button, press FEATURE and then dial 01.

Do not disturb overrides call forwarding.

To access this function without a programmable button:

On DS and ETR phones, press FEATURE and dial 01.

On BST phones, press FEATURE and dial 85 (on) or #85 (off).


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