The contents of the SD memory card used by the system can be viewed through Manager.

Embedded Voicemail Files
When viewing the memory card, the files related to Embedded Voicemail are visible, however these files are greyed out (ie. cannot be deleted, downloaded or overwritten).

Mailbox greetings and messages are shown as .clp files.

The language prompts for Embedded Voicemail functions are stored in separate language sub-folders of lvmail.


Viewing a Memory Card
When Advanced | Embedded File Management is selected, the IP Office Manager will go through normal system discovery. When a system is selected, a valid service user name and password for configuration access to that system is requested.

Changing the Files View
The type of display used in the Files pane can be changed by selecting from the View menu in the toolbar.

Adding Files
Files can be added to the card by dragging and dropping or by right-clicking on the Files pane and selecting Upload or by using File | Upload File.... The IP Office will ask for confirmation if the file already exists on the memory card. The progress of the file upload is then indicated.

Deleting Files
Existing files can be deleted by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete.

Downloading Files
Files can also be copied from the card by right-clicking on the file and selecting Download. Manager will prompt for the download location.  Existing files are overwritten if present.

To exit back to normal configuration operation, select File | Configuration from the menu bar. Alternatively, to view the card in another system, select File | Close File Settings and then File | Open File Settings.