IP Office Release 10.0 and higher only supports licensing via Avaya's Product Licensing and Delivery System (PLDS). This is done via licenses delivered as a non-editable PLDS XML file which is uploaded to the system. The file contains the whole set of licenses for the system. To add or delete a license the whole file must be replaced.

For any system being upgrading from pre-Release 10, you must migrate all the existing licenses to PLDS before upgrading. This is done using the license migration tool within IP Office Manager.

The license migration tool extracts all the current license information from the systems configuration and saves it to a file. That file can then be used prepare a software upgrade quote in the Avaya One Source Configurator in order to obtain the required new PLDS XML file.


Ensure all licenses are loaded on the system before using the license migration tool to extract the licensing information.

The license migration tool can only be used with an online configuration.

The generated file can be read but must not be edited. License migration will fail if the file has been edited.